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Noise Nuisance Recorder - Homeowner Service

noise nuisance recorder for monitoring neighbor noise

Our new Noise Nuisance Recorder is available now as part of our Homeowner service.

The recorder continuously measures the background noise, storing these measurements (not recordings) every second so the report gives a clear impression of the noise environment.

When you hear the nuisance noise you press the Record and it makes a high quality recording, including the 30 seconds before you press the button. This "pre-record" is there so the recording includes the noise that you heard just before pressing the button.

  • Noisy neighbors
  • Loud music
  • Banging on walls, floor or ceiling
  • Shouting and anti-social behavior
  • Barking dogs

Homeowner Rental Service

This rental service is for homeowners and tenants who are trying to gather evidence on noise from neighbors. We provide you with a calibrated Class 1 (the most accurate) noise nuisance recorder for a week or as long as you want to rent it for. It is very easy to set up and operate.

Noise Reports and Recordings

You don't have to install any software or do any acoustic analysis of the results. Once we get the recorder back from you we download all the noise measurements and recordings, produce reports and send them back to you on a memory stick.

You view the reports and listen to your recordings using your usual web browser, so no additional software is required. Whether you use Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge or another browser, it's just like viewing a web site. Windows, Apple, Linux or even on a smart phone or tablet, no problem. As long your computer or device can read a USB memory stick it should be fine.

You can send the report to other people by copying the files from the memory stick. While it is sometimes possible to email reports, the audio recording files are usually too large and so are better sent on a memory stick.

The Rental Process

To hire the Homeowner Noise Nuisance Recorder head over to our Homeowner Hire page. You can see what dates are available for this equipment along with the price for rental of 1 week or longer.

We will send the equipment to you to arrive a day before your rental period starts, so you have time to set it up and be ready to go. In fact you can start using it straight away.

At the end of your rental period, usually the day after, we send a courier to collect the equipment from you and deliver it back to our offices.

Once we get it back we download the noise measurements and audio recordings, generate the reports and send them to you on a USB memory stick.

If you don't want to book online then please give us a call and we can do it all by telephone. If you do book online then payment can be made by credit card immediately or you can ask us to contact you by telephone instead to complete your payment. It is worth checking our booking page to see the availability of the equipment.