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Noisy Neighbours - Noise Nuisance Recorder

neighbour noise recorder

We are pleased to announce a new Noise Nuisance Recorder, designed to measure the noise levels and record audio to assist in solving disputes between neighbours that involve excessive noise - or at least the report of excessive noise.

One of the greatest difficulties comes when trying to decide whether the noise complaint is genuine, imaginary or exaggerated a little. The article on Real or Imaginary covers this matter in more detail.

If you have any questions about the articles or about the Noise Nuisance Recorder then please drop us an email or call on 0845 680 0312.

New Noise Nuisance Recorder

Ideal for monitoring neighbour noise:

  • Loud music
  • Barking dogs
  • Shouting and verbal abuse
  • Banging on walls, floors, ceilings

To successfully monitor and assess these noise problems, the Noise Nuisance Recorder can:

  • Accurately measure the sound levels
  • Record the audio (on button push)

The NNR633A1 Noise Nuisance Recorder consists of a Class 1 Data Logging Sound Level Meter, Calibrator, Secure Peli Case, 5m Mic. Extension Cable and Table-Top Tripod. The meter can record up to 60 hours of audio at the request of the complainant. The meter measures the sound levels all the time, but only records the audio on request.

The Meter Within

The NNR633A1 Noise Nuisance Recorder includes the powerful CEL633A1 Sound Level Meter. This meter can be taken out of the case and used for other noise monitoring applications.

The meter has the following specifications:

  • IEC 61672 Class 1
  • Advanced data logging and automatic timers
  • Audio recording with level triggers
  • Wide measurement span 20-140dB (no range selection needed)
  • Suitable for Environmental and Noise at Work assessments

Real or Imaginary?

When a resident complains of excessive noise from a neighbour there is often more happening behind the scenes, such as a neighbourly fall out over a number of other issues. In these situations the complainant could be over sensitive to noise that would not normally bother them, or could be falsely exaggerating the noise levels involved. For the authority involved (environmental health, housing association, police, etc.) it can be difficult to separate the genuine complaints from the false ones.

The purpose of the Noise Nuisance Recorder is to give the resident the opportunity to show that the noise levels in question are genuinely excessive or of an abusive or anti-social nature. This is extremely important as excessive neighbour noise is very difficult to live with, causing a loss of sleep, increased stress levels and the resultant damage to health.

neighbour noise - real or imaginary