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October 2011 Newsletter

SoundEar II Noise Warning Sign

sound level meter and dosimeter combination kit

The new SoundEar II Noise Warning Sign is now available for delivery. This is the latest version of the very popular SoundEar sign that we have been supplying for nearly 10 years. The new version is housed in a minimalist, very clean looking acrylic case, and has versions designed for low noise environments (hospitals, schools, libraries) and another for high noise environments (factories, heavy industry).

  • Attractive design for public areas
  • Yellow warns that noise levels are getting close to the limit
  • Red shows that the noise limit has been exceeded
  • Adjustable warning level

SoundEar II - Quiet Environments

The SoundEar II is designed for those environments where people need to be reminded to keep their noise levels down. It takes away the human perception and unnecessary conflict that can come about if one person has to ask another person to keep quiet. The SoundEar measures the noise levels continuously and if they get close to the limit the yellow lights come on. If the warning is ignored and the sound levels exceed the limit then the red light comes on, giving a very clear message.


  • Hospital and Neonatal Noise Control
  • Schools - classrooms, libraries, cafeteria, study rooms
  • Offices and call centers
  • Entertainment venues - clubs, hotels, live music

SoundEar II Industrial - Noisy Environments

The Industrial version of the SoundEar II informs workers when the sound levels are too high, when it is time to reduce the noise or fit hearing protection. The noise sign is ideal for factories with intermittently high noise levels. If the sound levels are not high all the time then it is not necessary to wear hearing protection all the time. The best way to inform staff that it is time to fit hearing protection is with a noise warning sign.


  • Factories with noisy machinery
  • Areas where noise levels vary considerably
  • Intermittently high noise levels
  • Warning that hearing protection should be worn