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LiveNoise Noise Monitor with Ethernet & WiFi

The new LNT-SE Noise Monitor connects to your WiFi or Ethernet wired network and links back to the LiveNoise Supervisor software. The LiveNoise system provides a real-time display of noise levels and high noise alarms. Long term noise reports can also be generated.

If you need more detailed information about LiveNoise then please call or contact us by telephone or email.

LiveNoise Monitoring System

The LiveNoise system consists of one or more noise monitors connected to your existing network. The monitors measure and store the noise levels continuously and carry out averaging and statistical analysis of the noise.

Software running on a computer, also connected to your network, shows the real-time sound levels and high noise alerts.

Along with the real-time sound level display, noise reports can be generated over daily, weekly, monthly or custom periods.

livenoise noise monitoring system

LNT-SE Noise Monitor

The LNT-SE is the actual noise monitor, which should be located wherever you need to monitor the sound levels. Your LiveNoise system can include one or more monitors. They measure the noise, analyse it, send it as a live feed to the Supervisor software and store it long term (up to five years).

The LNT-SE connects to your existing network using WiFi or a wired Ethernet connection.

lnt-se wifi noise monitor

LNT-SE Noise Monitor

LiveNoise Software

The software is included with the LNT-SE LiveNoise Noise Monitor. This software is logically split into two parts:

LiveNoise Supervisor

This software would usually be running full time, communicating with the noise monitors, displaying real-time noise levels and high noise level alarms.

The Supervisor software also stores noise measurements on the computer for later reporting.

LiveNoise Reporter

The Reporter software takes these noise measurements and provides reports, which can be printed or exported for sending to others.

Noise reports can be generated for daily, weekly, monthly or custom periods. They include periodic noise measurements (5, 10, 15, 30, 60 minutes), noise profiles (1s resolution) and high noise alarm summaries.

supervisor live noise software
LiveNoise Supervisor
noise reporter software
LiveNoise Reporter