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New Noise Nuisance Recorder for Neighbor Noise

unwanted neighbor noise

NoiseMeters is now shipping a new version of the Noise Nuisance Recorder, or NNR. These units are left in the premises with the noise complaint to measure the sound levels continuously. When the complainant hears the unwanted noise they press a button on a remote control to start the NNR recording the audio. You can listen to the audio while viewing the noise charts to help identify the source - shouting, banging, music and dogs barking are the most common causes of neighbor noise complaints.

The new models, NNR-P-A1 and NNR-P-A2 have the following features:

  • Accurate sound level measurement - Class 1 or Class 2
  • Audio recording at the complainant's request
  • Strong, lockable case to protect the noise monitoring equipment
  • Outer carry case to avoid drawing attention on arrival at the property

Why Record Neighbor Noise?

When a resident complains about noise from a neighbor it can be difficult to prove that there is a real problem. Maybe the complainant is over sensitive or maybe the person making the noise is careful to be quiet whenever somebody in authority visits. While it is very important to measure the sound levels accurately using a sound level meter, these measurements don't mean so much if you can't identify what caused them.

With a Noise Nuisance Recorder, the complainant has a remote control. When they hear the noise in question they press a button to start an audio recording. This will usually run for a few minutes. It is also important to only record what is needed, for the privacy for the resident and also for whoever is making the report - they certainly don't want to listen to hours of recordings.

With the accurate sound level measurements and positive identification from the audio recording a clear case can be made.

noise nuisance recorder