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November 2014 Newsletter

Noise Rating NR and Noise Criterion NC Reporting

nc and nr curves

NoiseMeters Applications now has a reporting section for Noise Rating (NR) and Noise Criterion (NC).

This report is available to all NoiseMeters Applications users at no additional cost, but please check that you have the CEL620B meter as these calculations need Octave Band Filters.

For more information about these applications please contact us or visit the NoiseMeters Applications web site.

NoiseMeters Applications

These are web based applications that run in your browser. In most cases there is no need to install any software on your computer, you just visit and log in.

Measurements are transferred from your CEL620 series sound level meter (the CEL240 series meters will be supported from the end of 2014) to our web server, so you can use a browser to view the results, carry out analysis and produce reports.

The reports generated can be printed, saved or stored on your computer for future reference.

For NR and NC noise reports you must have the CEL620B series meter as this had Octave Band Filters.

nr and nc noise report