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May 2015 Newsletter

Noise Nuisance Reporter - Neighbour Noise Reporting Software

Neighbour Noise Software

We are pleased to announce some new software for the Noise Nuisance Recorder:

  • Graph the sound levels
  • Listen to audio recordings
  • Clearly identify the source of the noise
  • Produce reports to use as evidence

For more information about the software please visit our Noise Nuisance Reporter web site.

Noise Nuisance Recorder

The Noise Nuisance Recorders are designed for:

  • Loud music
  • Dogs barking
  • Shouting and verbal abuse
  • Banging on walls, floors, ceilings

The NNR63x Recorders contain an accurate sound level meter that monitors the levels throughout the day. When the the nuisance noise can be heard a button can be pushed to make a recording of the actual audio.

noise nuisance recorder

New Reporter Software

The new Noise Nuisance Reporter software is included with the NNR63x Recorder at no extra charge. It automatically downloads the noise measurements and audio recordings to your computer for analysis and reporting.


Very quick and easy to use, the software produces reports showing the sound levels throughout the and a table of each noise event that you recorded.


You can view a graph of the sound level during an "event". Using the playback controls you can also listen to the audio recordings directly from your PC speaker.


Daily noise reports can be viewed instantly on screen. To send the reports to others you can print them (no audio!) or produce HTML reports complete with audio, so others can view and listen from within their web browser.

Already Got a Recorder?

If you already have the Noise Nuisance Recorder and want to add the software then please contact NoiseMeters. If you bought the equipment from us then the software is free of charge.

If you got the equipment else where then please give us a call or drop us an email with information about the equipment that you have. We will be able to tell you whether the software is compatible and provide you with a quotation for it.