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May 2022 Newsletter

Calibration Lab for North America

sound level meter calibration and noise dosimeter calibration

NoiseMeters Inc has opened a new lab in Michigan to handle the calibration of sound level meters, noise dosimeters and acoustic calibrators for customers in the US and Canada.

We can calibrate most brands and models of true Type 1 / Class 1 and Type 2 / Class 2 models. You can book online and return the equipment to our Houston or Michigan address for service. We can even arrange for the collection and return of your equipment.

Why Calibrate?

Regular calibration and verification of your noise monitoring equipment is essential to ensure it is measuring accurately. Microphone responses can drift as a result of damage and even over long periods of time in varying environment conditions.

Many noise measurement regulations state that a sound level meter and calibrator should be sent to a calibration laboratory for verification on a regular basis, either annually or every 24 months.

Field Calibration and Periodic Verification

Using a hand-held calibrator you can check a meter's function in the field, just before making measurements. In fact many regulations demand this. However, this only checks the meter at a given frequency and level.

Full verification involves detailed checks and calibration adjustments over different frequencies and levels, checking the microphone and meter frequency responses and linearity.

How To - Booking a Calibration

You can get an immediate price for our service using our Calibration Quotation and Booking system. Otherwise, we can make all the arrangements by telephone or email.

Once booked in you send the equipment to us using your preferred courier or we can send our courier to collect the equipment from you. There is an extra charge for us to arrange the collection.

Once we have your equipment we give it a quick check over. If all is fine we go ahead with the calibration. If extra work is needed then we contact you first before proceeding. You can choose not to go ahead at this point.

Equipment we Calibrate

We can calibrate most makes and models of sound level meters, noise dosimeters and acoustic calibrators - assuming they are originally designed and made to meet the standards.

  • Sound level meters (Type 1 or Type 2)
  • Noise dosimeters (badge or box/cable style)
  • Acoustic Calibrators (Class 1 or Class 2)