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January 2010 Newsletter

Environmental Noise Monitoring Systems

noise monitoring system

We have added two new sections to our web site covering large area noise monitoring systems and long-term noise monitors.

A noise monitoring system consists of fixed and portable noise monitors connected to a central computer for storage and reporting.

  • Industrial Sites
  • Constructions Sites
  • Airports
  • Road and rail

Details of some of the individual parts that make up a system can be found below.

Noise Pole

The Noise Pole is an environmental noise monitoring terminal that has been designed for long term use. It is particularly suited for installation in residential areas where appearance and resistance to vandalism are essential.

  • Measurement range 20-140 dB(A)
  • Airport noise monitoring systems
  • Large industrial sites
  • Community noise monitoring

Portable Noise Monitor

The portable noise monitor can be used alone or as part of a larger noise monitoring system.

  • Construction site boundary monitoring
  • Industrial sites - monitoring close to the complainant
  • Airport noise
  • Road and rail noise

4-20mA Current Loop

The MK427 Outdoor Microphone has a 4-20mA Loop output, making it ideal for integration into an existing process control system, such as SCADA.

  • Industrial sites, power stations
  • 4-20mA Current Loop Output
  • Actuator for automatic calibration checks