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July 2019 Newsletter

New Outdoor Noise Warning Sign

outdoor noise warning sign

Since its introduction in September 2009, the original NoiseSign has been popular for indoor use in factories, hospitals, libraries and many other areas where people need reminding about noise levels.

We are now pleased to announce the Weatherproof NoiseSign range, for use outdoors and in very dusty environments. These versions of the NoiseSign are for noisy environments such as construction site boundaries, and also for quiet environments, such as outside hospitals, schools and entertainment venues.

  • IP65 rated for outdoor use and dusty environments
  • Lights up when noise levels too high
  • Adjustable trigger level
  • High output LED technology
  • Two models, for either noisy or quiet zones

Noisy Outdoor Environments

The NoiseSign NS-WARN-AW is designed for use in noisy outdoor locations, such as construction sites and to assist with boundary noise control. It can be used to warn staff about the need for hearing protection or to let workers know that the noise levels are getting high enough to trigger complaints from local residents.

  • Construction sites
  • Outside industrial areas
  • Dusty environments
  • Hearing protection or noise complaints

Outdoor Quiet Zones

The NoiseSign NS-QZON-AW is for outdoor installation in quiet areas, such as outside hospitals, schools and entertainment venues. It reminds people that they are in a quiet zone and so should keep their noise levels to a minimum.

  • Outside hospitals
  • Schools and libraries
  • Outside entertainment venues
  • Wet or dusty environments