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February 2010 Newsletter

CEL Sound Level Meters for Noise at Work

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The CEL244 and CEL620 sound level meters are available from NoiseMeters Inc.

  • For all occupational noise surveys: European directive and UK HSE Guidelines
  • Single span 20 to 140 dB (CEL620 meters)
  • TFT color display for very clear readings (CEL620 meters)
  • Data Logging
  • Real-Time Octave Band Filters (option on CEL620 series)

These meters are ideal for noise assessments in factories, power stations, construction sites, all the usual places with high levels of industrial noise. With the Octave Band Filters option, the measurements can be used to select the most suitable hearing protectors.

All the advanced features (octave bands, etc.) can be added at a later date if not included in the initial purchase.

CEL246 Integrating Sound Level Meter - Basic Measurements

The CEL246 is intended for basic noise surveys and acoustic testing (alarms, etc.) that need a very accurate and repeatable measurements.

If bought without Data Logging, it can be easily added at a later date. This meter does not measure the Peak Sound Level, so if you have any chance of loud banging noise you should consider the CEL620 described blow.

Real-Time Octave Band Filters

Real-time octaves are an option for the CEL620 Sound Level Meter. As with most options for this meter, they can be added at a later date if you are not sure at the initial time of purchase.

The filters in the CEL620 are Real-Time. Also known as Parallel Filters, this means that all filters are operating at the same time, making the measurement process much easier and quicker than the lower cost serial filters available on many other meters.

CEL620 - Integrating Occupational Noise Meter

The CEL620 Series are all Integrating Sound Level Meters. These meters provide you with the Leq, Peak and LEP,d, which are the main parameters for a noise at work assessment. This is a data logging meter with options are available for Octave Band or 1/3 Octave Band Filters (for hearing protector assessments and detailed machinery noise checks).

Insight Software

The CEL620 is a data logging sound level meter. When connected to a computer it acts like a memory stick, allowing you to load the measurements into Excel or similar software, or to copy the measurements to your computer for long term storage.

If you want a little more from the meter then the Insight software will download the measurements, store them in a database, link them with person, place or process and ultimately generate occupational noise reports.