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Sound Level Meters from NoiseMeters

Supplying our customers within the United States and exporting to 108 countries, NoiseMeters has remained the home for sound level meters and noise dosimeters for over 13 years.

Buy or Rent

All items on our site are available to buy online, with quick delivery available for items that are in stock. Many sound level meters and noise dosimeters are also available for weekly rental.

Occupational Noise & OSHA
Sound Level Meters and Noise Dosimeters for occupational noise measurement in industry.
noise signs
Hospital and Office Noise
Noise signs and displays to warn of high noise levels in hospitals, offices, clubs and industry.
music noise
Music and Entertainment Noise
Noise inside and outside clubs and other venues, affecting both staff and local residents.
dust meters
Dust Monitoring
Real-time measurement of airborne dust, aerosols and fumes.
Environmental & Community Noise
Sound Level Meters and Noise Monitors for environmental and neighbor noise measurement.
low cost noise meters
Low Cost Noise Meters
For general noise surveys where a noise meter is needed that is quick and simple to use.
Calibrators, microphone capsules, and other noise monitoring accessories.
hand arm vibration - havs
Hand Arm Vibration
Meters to assess the risk of hand arm vibration syndrome - HAVS.

Rental Service
A range of noise dosimeters and sound level meters available for weekly rental.
price list
Full Product List
A searchable list of sound level meter and noise dosimeter products, complete with price guide.

Noise Activated
Warning Sign
NM102 Sound Meter
Advanced Integrating
Sound Level Meter
type 1 integrating sound level meter
1/3 Octave
real-time analyzer with 1/3 octaves
Neighbor Noise
neighbor noise
Outdoor Noise
outdoor noise measurement
GSM / 3G
remote noise monitor with gsm and 3g
Noise Sign
noise warning sign
Noise Sign
noise warning sign

Most Popular

Occupational Noise
Low Cost Sound Level Meter
dBadge Noise Dosimeter
Integrating Sound Level Meter
Advanced Meter with Octaves

Environmental Noise
Hand-held with 1/3 Octaves
Outdoor Noise Measurement

Acoustic Calibrator

Noise Meters - Sound Level Meter Supplier

NoiseMeters has a large range of noise monitoring equipment, from sound level meters to the unique dBadge noise dosimeter.

During the last few years, NoiseMeters supplied equipment to customers in 108 countries, delivering direct to the door for each customer's convenience. Our after sales support is available wherever you need it.

Whether your application is noise in the workplace, environment or community then please just give us a call.

Toll-Free 888 206 4377

Buying a Noise Meter

Before buying a noise meter please feel free to contact us by telephone or email as we can offer free advice on the most suitable instrument from our range.

You can place your order online, by fax, email or telephone. Payment can be by credit card, transfer or check, whichever is most convenient to you - more details...

Where in the World? - Wherever you are in the world, we should be able to ship directly to your door - more details...

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