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Entertainment Noise and Sound Level Control

Music Noise

music noise

Music "noise" from clubs and bars and affecting local residents.

sentry music noise control
Sentry Noise Control
Cuts the power when the music is too loud.
SoundEar Noise Sign
Alert staff when the sound levels are too high.
noise processor
Noise Processor
Displays levels, data logging and system integrating.

Sound Level Control

music sound level control

Preventing the volume from being too high, or limiting it during a fire alarm.

sentry music noise control
Automatic Volume Control
Intelligent volume control and sound level limit.
sentry music noise control
Sentry with Volume Control
Limit the volume or cut the power when levels are high.
sentry music noise control
Fire Alarm Priority
Cut the music level when the fire alarm activates.

Hearing Protection

hearing protection in entertainment noise

Protecting bar staff and other employees from high noise levels.

Integrating Sound Level Meter
Measuring noise levels to meet the OSHA regulations.
Noise Warning Sign
Alert staff when the sound levels are too high.
Noise Dosimeter
Monitor each employee's exposure to noise.

Noise Outside the Venue

noise outside a club
Outdoor Noise Monitor
Noise problems outside the venue from music or from guests on their way home can cause problems for local residents. The EM2010 Environmental Noise Monitor measures the noise levels and uploads them to a web server. You can view the noise reports from anywhere with an internet connection.


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