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NoiseSign Noise Warning Signs

A range of circular noise activated warning signs that light up to warn of high sound levels. These signs are a plain blue disk when the sound levels are OK but light up with a clear message when the levels go above the threshold you have set.

Both the NS-WARN (for noisy environments) and the NS-QZON (for quiet zones) can be easily mounted on a wall using a single screw, like a picture. The threshold level is adjusted using dials on the back, which can be covered by a plate to avoid tampering.

Indoor or Outdoor?

The standard NoiseSign noise warning signs are for indoor use only. Whilst they have excellent protection against dust and even splashes of water, they are not designed for long term use outdoors.

The all weather version of the NoiseSign is rated to IP65 for use outdoors and in very dusty environments.

NoiseSign Models

  • NS-WARN - Indoor noise sign for high noise areas
  • NS-QZON - Indoor noise sign for low noise areas
  • NS-WARN-AW - Outdoor noise sign for high noise areas
  • NS-QZON-AW - Outdoor noise sign for low noise areas