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Outdoor Microphone for Optimus Sound Level Meters

Outdoor Microphone
Outdoor Microphone
Outdoor Microphone Outdoor Mic with Optional Tripod Outdoor Mic with Optional Tripod

Price List

Outdoor microphone parts for Optimus meters
Lead time 1 week

Optimus connection cable
Lead time 1 week

Tripod for MK172 outdoor microphone
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Outdoor microphone parts for Optimus meters
1 week

Optimus connection cable
1 week


  • Weather protection for Optimus microphones
  • Mounts on a standard (optional) tripod
  • 32ft extension cable included
  • Windshield and bird-spike included
  • Uses the meter's microphone capsule
  • 15 Year Warranty


  • Outdoor noise measurement
  • Environmental noise assessment
  • Measuring sound level in poor weather
  • Construction and industrial sites
  • Traffic and transport noise

Outdoor Microphone

The MK172 Outdoor Microphone is for use with an Optimus Green environmental sound level meter, but can be used with some of the other Optimus data logging meters too. It provides weather protection for the microphone capsule and the ability to mount it on a tripod or mast for unattended noise monitoring.

The Outdoor Mic consists of a weatherproof preamplifier, windshield, bird-spike and microphone extension cable. It uses the microphone capsule from the Optimus sound level meter, so no additional capsule is included.

There is no weather protection for the sound level meter itself, which must be mounted indoors or in a weatherproof enclosure. If you need protection for the sound level meter too then please see the range of Outdoor Noise Kits, which are available with or without the meter.


At the bottom of the MK172 is a standard thread to mount to a camera tripod (not included, order code CT1). This could also be used to mount to a mast or other construction.

What Do I Need?

If you already have an Optimus Green sound level meter (or buying one separately) then you will need:

  • MK172 Outdoor microphone parts to provide protection for your mic capsule.
  • ZL674 3ft interface cable that connects the sound level meter to the 32ft outdoor cable.

Outdoor Kit Replacement Microphone

If you have the CK675 or CK685 Optimus Outdoor Kit (with lead acid batteries) and need a replacement microphone with 10m cable then the order code is MK172.

If you have the older CK670 Optimus Outdoor Kit (with custom battery pack) then please see the MK170 Outdoor Microphone.

Optimus Sound Level Meter

The MK172 Outdoor Microphone can work with different meters from the whole Optimus range. However, as the Optimus Green meters include the functions and measurement parameters that are generally needed for environmental noise monitoring we recommend one of the following:

Outdoor Mic or Outdoor Kit?

If the sound level meter is going to be indoors or in a weatherproof enclosure with power available then all you need is the MK172 Outdoor Mic and ZL674 interface cable.

However, if the meter needs protection too we recommend getting the Outdoor Kit, which includes the MK172 microphone along with a weatherproof case for the meter and batteries to keep it running for well over a week.

If you don't already have a meter then we have a full range of Outdoor Kits that include everything you need.