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Sound Level Meters for Occupational Noise Measurement

The OSHA standards for occupational noise measurement indicate the type of sound level meter or noise dosimeter that you should use. The noise meters and noise dosimeters listed on this page meet these requirements. For technical details, please visit our OSHA Noise Regulations guidance page.

Occupational Noise Regulations

The sound level meters and noise dosimeters that we recommend (the ones listed above) satisfy occupational noise regulations throughout the world, including the USA (OSHA, NIOSH, MSHA, ACGIH), Canada and the European noise at work regulations.

Range of Sound Level Meters

If you have applications other than occupational noise then we have a large range of meters to satisfy. Maybe you need to measure environmental noise too, in which case a Type 1 sound level meter would be more suitable. Please visit our Catalog for a full list of the meters we offer.

Sound Level Meter Catalog - Noise Dosimeter Catalog