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Industrial Noise Monitoring Systems

For areas of mixed industrial and residential buildings, we have a number of systems that take the hard work and uncertainty out of noise monitoring and handling noise complaints.

  • Mixed residential and industrial areas
  • Monitor noise to answer complaints
  • Generate concise reports of noise events
  • Short and long term noise monitoring systems
  • Continuous storage of noise measurements
industrial and residential noise

Noise Monitoring - Mixed Residential and Industrial

Our noise monitoring systems can accurately measure the noise levels on a continuous basis, storing the sound levels, noise events and results of statistical analysis. The fixed units can be installed for long term monitoring, or the portable Outdoor Kits can be used for shorter term monitoring or where monitors need to be moved regularly.

Long Term Monitoring On-Site - The LiveNoise LNT-SE Noise Monitor connects to your LAN over a standard WiFi link or wired Ethernet connection. You get a live feed of the sound levels and the ability to produce long term reports. If you need a Class 1 noise monitor or there is no WiFi available then the EM2030 Environmental Monitor (3G / 4G connection) is more suited.

Long Term Monitoring Off-Site - We recommend installing the EM2030 Wireless Environmental Monitor at one or more positions around the boundary. These units automatically upload their measurements to a web server, so you can view them using your web browser. More details...

Medium Term Monitoring at Locations with No Power - The EM2030P Portable Noise Monitor can be used as a mobile unit or for medium term noise monitoring at remote locations. It's 7-day rechargeable battery pack makes it ideal for locations without power. More details...

Short Term and Mobile Monitoring - The Outdoor Noise Kits consist of a sound level meter in a weatherproof box with an outdoor microphone. These can be located at the boundary or in a complainant's garden, usually for a week at a time before being downloaded for analysis and reporting. More details...