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Renting Equipment to Monitor and Record Neighbor Noise

Rental of noise monitoring equipment to measure and record noise from neighbors. The noise may be from music, dogs barking, shouting or even industrial processes if your neighbor is a business. These devices contain a Type 1 sound level meter and so measure the noise levels in dB(A) and also record the sound so you can identify the noise by listening to it.

Rental Price Includes

  • Complete Kits - everything you need
  • Delivery and Collection
  • Shipping Outside the Rental Period

Noise Nuisance Recorder

  • Accurately measure neighbor noise levels
  • Record audio for evidence of noise source
  • Reporting software included
For monitoring noisy neighbors and other noise that needs an audio record to help identify the source.

Includes Type 1 Sound Level Meter, Calibrator, Software and Case.
First week: $412.00
Additional days: $54.00
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