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Low Cost Sound Meter

NM102 sound meter
NM102 Sound Meter

Using the NM102 Sound Level Meter

The NM102 Sound Meter has been designed to be quick and easy to use. The auto-range feature means that you do not have to select the measurement range before making measurements, which is a problem with most sound meters. With the NM102 you just switch on and it starts measuring the "A" weighted, Fast Sound Level, which is ideal for most applications.

using the sound meter
sound meter display

This display shows:
dBA - "A" weighted dB
Fast - time weighting

The "A" weighted, Fast Sound Level is the parameter that is used for most applications. When you need something different the meter has the following buttons:

  a or c frequency weighting Switches between "A" weighting and "C" weighting.
For more information on these visit our Frequency Weightings page.
  fast or slow time weighting Switches between "Fast" time weighting and "Slow" time weighting.
For more information please visit our Time Weightings page.
  sound level hold Holds the sound level that is currently shown on the meter - freezes the display.
  minimum and maximum noise level Shows the maximum or minimum sound level.


Low Cost Sound Level Meter
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Used NM102
Second Hand Sound Level Meter
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Sound Level Meter and Calibrator
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