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SoundEar V - Office Noise Warning

soundearv office and call centre noise

SoundEar-V Hardware

The SoundEar-V device itself consists of a microphone, a small sound level meter and acoustic processor, all enclosed in a small case similar to a USB memory stick. This can be plugged directly into the computer's USB port or be connected using the cable supplied.

soundearv microphone


The microphone, which is enclosed in the SoundEar-V case, picks up and amplifies the tiny fluctuations in air pressure that are sound.

soundear-v case

Sound Level Meter and Acoustic Processor

Inside the main body of the unit is a small sound level meter. This converts the signal from the microphone into a more usable unit, the decibel, dB(A). The levels measured are filtered to give a response similar to the human ear.

usb interface

USB Interface

The SoundEar-V connects to the computer using the standard USB port. It can be plugged directly into the side (handy for laptops) or using the cable provided.

Mounting the SoundEar-V

The SoundEar-V should be mounted reasonably close to the source of the noise or in the area where the noise is a problem. On the side of a computer monitor is usually the best place.

monitor mounted sound level meter
Monitor Mounted

plugged into usb
Directly into Laptop USB

SoundEar-V USB extension
Mounted on a USB Stand
(not included)

The kit includes velcro patches for mounting the SoundEar-V on a monitor.


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