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SoundAlert - High Noise Level Warning

Using the SoundAlert

Some notes on setting up the SoundAlert, showing most settings and an overview of how to use it.

1) Choose your mounting method

Wall Mounted

wall mounted sound level warning
Free Standing

desk mounted noise meter
On a Tripod

tripod mounted

2) Switch on

switch on

Switch the unit on

ON The unit stays on permanently
AUTO The unit can be programmed to switch on and off again at set times of the day. For example, it can be set to come on at 09:00 and go off at 17:00. For units running on battery this extends the battery life to around 30 days.

3) Choose Settings

noise threshold settings
Settings on the back panel of the SoundAlert
  • 60-110 range will be suitable for most industrial applications
  • 30-80 range should be ideal for office and similar noise levels.
  • LIMIT keys select the alarm limit between 30 and 130 dB.
  • The default setting of "A" weighting and "Slow" is usually the best.

4) Select Display Settings and Apply Power

outputs and power

The Display Settings and Power panel are found on the side of the unit.

  • The red/green switch selects the operation of the bright LEDs:
    • Red flashing when the level is high.
    • Red flashing on high, green lit for 40s after level goes low.
    • Green lit for 40s after level goes low.
  • Show alarm when level is above or below the threshold.
  • Alarm Output connects to the remote Warning Sign.
  • DC 9V connects to the power supply that is included.


Sound Level Alert and Noise Level Monitor
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