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SoundAlert - High Noise Level Warning

sound alert noise level sign

SoundAlert Standard Package

in the box

Order code SoundAlert includes the following items:

  • SoundAlert unit
  • Wind shield / mic. protector
  • AC power adapter
  • User manual
soundalert box

Noise Warning Sign (optional)

The optional Warning Signs connect to the SoundAlert using the cable supplied. The Warning Sign also plugs into the AC power using the adapter that is provided along with a long power extension lead (low voltage). The time that the noise sign lights up can be set to between 5 seconds and 10 minutes after the noise levels fall again.

Note: These warning signs cannot be used alone, they must be connected to a SoundAlert unit.

All signs can be set to give either a constant light or can flash to attract attention when the measured sound levels are high.

noise sign lit up     or     flashing noise sign


Sound Level Alert and Noise Level Monitor
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Sound Level Alert and Noise Level Monitor
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Bright LED Sign for SoundAlert - Warning Hearing Protection Required
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Bright LED Sign for SoundAlert - Excessive Sound Level
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