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EM2010 Wireless Environmental Noise Monitor

em2010 wireless noise monitor
EM2010 Wireless Noise Monitor


The EM2010 connects to the Internet over the mobile phone network (GSM / 3G) but also includes a WiFi connection for on-site setting up and diagnostics.

  • Automatically connects and uploads measurements
  • Connection over GSM / 3G link
  • Works in most countries straight from the box (mobile signal required)
  • Connection, modem and SIM included in the package

Do I Need a Phone Contract?

No, the EM2010 comes complete and ready to go, as long as it is in a region with a mobile phone signal. The price includes the modem (built in to the noise processor box) and SIM.

The price for the EM2010/G also includes the first year of your contract, which covers the use of the installed SIM (no extra data charges) and access to the web server to view the reports. After the first year, the cost to renew this contract is just $1273.00 per year, or $3046.00 per year if you have the Audio Recording option. To protect against inflation we can provide you with a multi-year contract from the start, otherwise renewing can be carried out when the time comes.

How It Works

The EM2010 logs the noise measurements throughout the day, usually storing the Leq and the L90 (along with a few other parameters) every five minutes. The monitor connects to the Internet every 15 minutes using the built-in modem and antenna and sends the latest measurements to the server.

To view measurements from the previous days, weeks, months, you just need access to the Internet and a standard web browser. You navigate to the data access web site and log in.

noise monitoring system

For more information on the presentation of the noise measurements, please visit our Reports page.


WiFi Connection

The EM2010 noise monitor also has a WiFi connection available. This provides an easy on-site interface, which is used for configuring and calibrating. The monitor provides its own WiFi hotspot. Connection to it is similar to connecting to a router and you then use a standard web browser. The benefit is that you don't have to open boxes to get access to the unit during servicing and on-site configuration.


Environmental Noise Monitor with GSM and 1 Year Contract
2 weeks
Environmental Noise Monitor with Audio, GSM and 1 Year Contract
2 weeks


Weekly Rental
EM2010P portable environmental noise monitor
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EM2010 Range

Wireless Monitor
From $6864.00
Portable Monitor
From $8920.00

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Environmental Noise Monitor with GSM link and web access to measurements.

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Environmental Noise Monitor with GSM and 1 Year Contract
2 weeks
Environmental Noise Monitor with GSM, Audio and 1 Year Contract
2 weeks


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