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SoundEar II Industrial Noise Sign



The Industrial version of the popular SoundEar II Noise Warning Sign is a wall mounted sound level monitor that clearly indicates when staff should reduce the noise levels or fit hearing protection.

  • Attractive design for use in public areas
  • Green = Monitoring : Yellow = Getting loud : Red = Too loud
  • Warning level adjustable from 40 to 115 dB(A)
  • Data Logging option
  • Extra Large version available


  • Factories and other industrial areas
  • Plant with noise levels that vary throughout the day
  • Areas with intermittent noise
  • Hospitals, schools and offices - see SoundEar II Noise Sign
soundear ii industrial noise warning sign
SoundEar II Industrial Noise Warning Sign

Unlike many noise monitoring products the SoundEar has been specifically designed to look good. This is clearly important when the unit is to be mounted in a public place.

noise limit

In areas where the noise levels are not always a problem, the SoundEar II Industrial lets you know when it is time to take action. Even in moderately high sound levels a person's hearing changes through the day, making it even more difficult to make a judgment by ear.

Setting the Noise Limit

The occupational noise regulations (for example those set by OSHA for the USA) set the level at which hearing protection is required. A full noise survey should be carried out to assess each worker's exposure. In areas where the sound levels are not always high, it is reasonable to remove hearing protection much of the time. A SoundEar mounted in a suitable position and set to trigger at the correct level gives a clear indication to workers nearby. For more information please visit the Installation page.


  Standards 60601-1 Medical Electrical Equipment
-Part 1: general requirements for safety
60601-1-2: Medical electrical equipment
-Part 1-2: General requirements for safety
  Dimensions 265 x 205 x 46mm
  Mechanical Cabinet: Shockproof acrylic
  Electrical 24VDC
  Temperature Operation: 0 to 50°C
    Storage: -20 to 60°C
  Damp & Dust IP42
  Acoustic Frequency: 20Hz to 16kHz
  Trigger Range 40 to 115 dB in 5dB steps
  Freq. Weighting A
  Time Weighting Slow
  Deviation ±3dB 
soundear datasheet SoundEar II Industrial
Datasheet (PDF, 1250k)
SoundEar II Industrial Noise Warning Sign
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Extra large industrial noise warning sign
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Data Logging Module for SE2IND or SE2INDXL
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The SoundEar II noise warning sign and its optional data logging module.

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SoundEar II Noise Sign - Protection Symbol
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Extra Large SoundEar II Industrial Noise Sign
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Data logging module for SE2EAR and SE2IND
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