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SoundEar II Noise Warning Sign

Music Noise Monitoring

Music from clubs, discos and even restaurants and hotels can cause problems for local residents and be at dangerous levels for staff. The SoundEar II Noise Sign is the perfect solution to keeping control of the noise and monitoring the effectiveness of controls.

  • Club, disco, nightclub and restaurant noise monitoring
  • Protect bar and club staff from dangerous noise levels
  • Avoid noise complaints from residents
  • Inform DJ or live band when the levels are too high
soundear ii noise warning sign
Entertainment Noise

The SoundEar II Noise Warning Sign can be set to light first the yellow and then the red lights when the noise level is above the set limit. See the SoundEar II web page for more information on the sign itself.

One of the major problems of controlling noise levels in clubs is that of human perception. If the music is to somebody's taste it will not sound so annoying as to whom it is not. On top of this, after just a short time being exposed to high levels the ear becomes less sensitive so it is very difficult to decide whether the level is too high without the use of a noise level measuring device such as the SoundEar.

The SoundEar is mounted on the wall using a single screw and plugs into the power using the adapter provided. It is very quick and easy to install.

Evidence of Compliance - Data Logging

The data logging module for the SoundEar stores the average sound level every five minutes, giving evidence of compliance (or non-compliance) with limits set. If you need to see how the levels have been in your absence then this is the ideal option.

The recordings can be downloaded to a computer using the SoundLog software that is included with the logging module.

Please see the Data Logging web page for more information.


logging live music noise
SoundEar II Noise Warning Sign
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Data Logging Module for SoundEar II
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