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SoundEar II Noise Warning Sign

Noise Sign


The SoundEar II is the latest version of the popular SoundEar Noise Warning Sign. It mounts on the wall and can be set to light up when the noise levels are too high.

  • Attractive design for use in public areas
  • Green = Monitoring : Yellow = Getting loud : Red = Too loud
  • Warning level adjustable from 40 to 115 dB(A)
  • Data Logging option


soundear ii noise warning sign
SoundEar II Noise Warning Sign

Unlike many noise monitoring products the SoundEar has been specifically designed to look good. This is clearly important when the unit is to be mounted in a public place.

noise limit The "you are being too loud" message that the SoundEar provides is unmistakable to both children and adults, allowing them to take immediate action without the embarrassment of somebody having to ask them to be quiet.

Setting the Noise Limit

Different areas need more quiet than others. A hospital recovery room needs to be very quiet, whereas a waiting room is not so critical, as long as visitors are not talking too loud or shouting. A school classroom should be reasonably quiet, but the cafeteria a little louder.

The sound level at which the lights come on is set using a dial that is hidden on the back of the sign.

Where SoundEar Helps

The SoundEar Noise Warning Sign can help where people need to be reminded to keep their noise levels down. For example, in hospitals the noise comes from patients, staff and of course from visitors. The presence of the sign is usually enough to remind people that noise is an issue. The yellow and red lights are for those who forget or who are unable to judge what "too loud" is.

The types of noise that will usually trigger the SoundEar are:

  • Loud voices, shouting, whistling
  • Hospital equipment carts, especially if badly maintained
  • Banging doors
  • Loud music or televisions

Usually the biggest problem is loud voices. A reminder from a sign is better than from another person as it takes away the human perception of noise (maybe the complainer is being a little over sensitive) and also removes the embarrassment from the complainer and from the noisy person.

  Standards 60601-1 Medical Electrical Equipment
-Part 1: general requirements for safety
60601-1-2: Medical electrical equipment
-Part 1-2: General requirements for safety
  Dimensions 265 x 205 x 46mm
  Mechanical Cabinet: Shockproof acrylic
  Electrical 24VDC - adapter included
  Temperature Operation: 0 to 50°C
    Storage: -20 to 60°C
  Damp & Dust IP42
  Acoustic Frequency: 20Hz to 16kHz
  Trigger Range 40 to 115 dB in 5dB steps
  Freq. Weighting A
  Time Weighting Slow
  Deviation ±3dB 
soundear datasheet SoundEar II
Datasheet (PDF, 594k)
SoundEar II Noise Warning Sign
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Data Logging Module for SoundEar II
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