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Pulsar Nova Sound Level Meter - Models 41 and 42

pulsar nova sound level meter
Pulsar Nova
Sound Level Meter

AnalyzerPlus Software

All Pulsar Nova Sound Level Meters come with the AnalyzerPlus software.

The standard version of this meter is not data logging (see Data Logging Option section below for details), so the reporting features will not be available. However, the software can be used to configure the meter, which some find more convenient than using the meter's menu options:

  • Download updates to the sound level meter
  • Set the meter's clock
  • Configure the meter's display

These can be configured using the meter's keypad, but setting it up through the software can be more convenient.

configuring the sound level meter

Data Logging Option

The standard Nova Models 41 and 42 do not have data logging ability and you cannot download measurements and generate reports.

To include data logging, please add the following option:

PSR0110 Nova Data Logging Option $437.00

Use the Ordering Options section at the bottom of this page.


Viewing Measurements

Measurements stored on the meter (with data logging option fitted) can be downloaded and viewed on-screen.

The Quick Report option generates a report based on the the data displayed. This report can be printed or sent to a PDF file.

lamax noise graph

Data Management

Measurements are sorted by person, location, project or just by the meter on which the measurements were made. For example, to see all the measurements made in one department you just select "Sort by place" and select the department of interest.


Type 2 Nova Sound Level Meter
1 week
Type 1 Nova Sound Level Meter
1 week
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Nova Class 2 / Type 2 Sound Level Meter
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Class 2 Sound Level Calibrator. 1kHz, 94dB. For 1/2 inch microphones
Class 1 Acoustic Calibrator. 1kHz, 94dB. For 1/2 inch microphones
Data Logging and Software for Nova Sound Level Meter
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