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Nova Octave Band Sound Level Meter - Models 45 and 46

nova octave band sound level meter

Nova Octave Band Sound Level Meter

Using the Nova Sound Level Meter

The Nova meter is quick and easy to use. As the Nova measures all parameters and weightings at the same time and has a single measurement span from 20 to 140 dB, you don't need to worry about measuring the wrong parameters or being on an unsuitable range. This is very important for octave band measurements, where some bands may be very quiet while others are loud - tonal noise.

The steps to make a single measurement are:

  • Switch the meter on
    • As soon as the meter is on you see the current sound level. If you just need an quick reading then there is nothing more to do.
  • Press the Start button
    • If the meter has not been calibrated recently then you will be prompted to do this now
  • To finish the measurement press the Stop button.
    • The results of your measurement are displayed.
    • You can switch off or continue to make more measurements


using the nova sound level meter

Calibration Explained

Most occupational noise regulations (and most other noise measurement regulations) state that you should check the meter's function with a Calibrator just before and after making measurements. This is to ensure that the meter is working correctly and that the microphone capsule (by far the most sensitive part of the measurement chain) has not been damaged. During this process the meter will also make any small adjustments to take account of drift caused by temperature or pressure changes. It only takes a few seconds.

The Calibrator is the small black device you see at the centre of the picture above. It fits on to the microphone and emits a very accurate 1 kHz tone, usually at 94dB. The meter detects this tone and makes any necessary adjustments. A failed calibration suggests there are problems somewhere!


Type 2 Nova Sound Level Meter
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Type 1 Nova Sound Level Meter
1 week
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