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Nova Octave Band Sound Level Meter - Models 45 and 46

nova octave band sound level meter

Nova Octave Band Sound Level Meter

Sound Level Meter Options

The Nova Model 45 and 46 Octave Band meters are already fitted with all internal options. All you need to decide is whether you need Type 1 or Type 2, and whether you need a sound level calibrator and carrying case.

Main Features Included

The following features, which are optional on some of the lower specification Nova meters, are included in the Model 45 and 46:

  • Average and Peak measurements (integrating sound level meter)
  • Pause and back erase
  • Data logging
  • Audio recording and audio notes
  • Single and repeat timers
  • TWA/Dose dosimeter calculation functions
  • Environmental Ln parameters
  • Octave band filters (real-time)

Type 1 or Type 2

For most occupational noise regulations, including OSHA, MSHA and ACGIH, you should use a meter that meets the ANSI S1.4 regulations to at least Type 2.

The EU Noise at Work Regulations demand the use of a meter that meets IEC 61672 to Class 2 or better meter.

The Model 46 meets all these requirements perfectly.

If you have other noise measurement applications, such as certain environmental assessments, you might need the Type 1 Model 45. This can also be used for occupational noise as it exceeds the requirements (Type 1 is more accurate than Type 2).


Sound Level Calibrator

Most noise measurement regulations state that you should use a Sound Level Calibrator before and after each measurement session. This is a hand-held device that fits over the meter's microphone and emits a precise tone, which the meter uses to check that it is measuring accurately. If any small adjustments are needed the meter does this automatically.

We recommend the use of a Calibrator for any measurements that are to be used for legal purposes or in the protection of a worker's hearing.


A windshield is used to reduce the effect of wind on the microphone capsule. It is recommended for occupational noise measurements as it protects the microphone against being accidentally knocked against hard surfaces. It is essential for making outdoor measurements on all but the calmest of days.


Type 2 Nova Sound Level Meter
1 week
Type 1 Nova Sound Level Meter
1 week
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Nova Class 2 / Type 2 Octave Band Sound Level Meter
1 week
Nova Class 1 / Type 1 Octave Band Sound Level Meter
1 week
Class 2 Sound Level Calibrator. 1kHz, 94dB. For 1/2 inch microphones
Class 1 Acoustic Calibrator. 1kHz, 94dB. For 1/2 inch microphones
Carrying Case for Nova Sound Level Meter
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