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Nova Octave Band Sound Level Meter - Models 45 and 46

nova octave band sound level meter

Nova Octave Band Sound Level Meter

Applications for the Nova Real-Time Octave Band Meter

The Nova Octave Band sound level meters are suitable for most noise monitoring applications. These are integrating sound level meters, so they provide you with average (Lavg, Leq) and Peak, as required for most occupational noise regulations. These meters also have repeating timers and environmental parameters (periodic Leq and Ln), making them suitable for community and environmental noise surveys.


tick Occupational Noise Assessments - Noise at Work

This model of Nova sound level meter makes all the measurements required by occupational noise regulations around the world. They are suitable for the USA OSHA, MSHA and ACGIH regulations, along with Canadian, EU and UK noise at work regulations.

Most of these regulations state that you should use a Type 2 Sound Level Meter. The Nova Model 46 meets all the requirements of these regulations - remember that you need a Calibrator too in order to meet the regulations.

The Type 2 Nova Model 46 measures the average and peak sound level as required, but it also measures the time history and many more parameters that can be downloaded to the AnalyzerPlus software (included). Occupational noise reports can be generated with little effort.


tick Hearing Protector Checks

When high noise levels are detected, the first approach is to reduce the noise at source. However, when it is necessary to issue hearing protection (earplugs or muffs) it is important to ensure that they bring the sound level at the ear down to an acceptable level. It is also important not to over-protect, as this isolates the worker, can be dangerous and ultimately leads to the hearing protection not being worn.

There are three standard methods to work out the level at the ear: NNR, HML and Octave Band. The most accurate, particularly where low frequency and tonal noise are present, is the Octave Band method.

Although the Octave Band method is more complicated than the others, the Nova meter with AnalyzerPlus software make it easy. You just measure the noise as usual and the meter automatically stores the Octave Band spectrum. The software then calculates the sound level at the ear from a large database of hearing protectors.


tick Environmental Noise Survey

The Nova models 45 and 46 are fitted with automatic repeating timers. Most environmental noise surveys involve making measurements of 5, 15 or 60 minute duration, repeating throughout the day. This is exactly what the repeating timers offer.

The most common parameters for environmental surveys are:

  • LAeq - average sound level, usually over 5 minute, 15 minute or 1 hour periods
  • L90 - sound level exceeded for 90% of the time - the background noise
  • L10 - sound level exceeded for 10% of the time
  • LAFmax - the maximum sound level

These measurements, and many more, are included with these meters. For environmental surveys the Type 1 version is often required by the regulations, although some will accept Type 2. For this reason we recommend the Type 1 Nova Model 45. The higher sensitivity microphone will also measure lower sound levels, as often found in quiet areas at night.

tick Construction Noise

With its ability to measure occupational noise (hearing protection) and environmental noise (boundary noise checks and other construction noise bothering the local community) the Nova Model 43 is ideal as a multi-purpose device.

Use the meter on the Noise at Work screen for hearing protection related checks, the switch to the Environmental screen to see the usual Ln and periodic Leq measurements. The meter measures all the parameters all the time. You just select which measurements to display.



Type 2 Nova Sound Level Meter
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