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Nova Integrating Sound Level Meter - Models 43 and 44

nova integrating sound level meter

Nova Integrating
Sound Level Meter

AnalyzerPlus Software

All versions of the Nova sound level meter are supplied with a copy of the AnalyzerPlus software. If you do not have the data logging option fitted you can still use the software to configure the sound level meter. This can be more convenient than using the meter's keypad as you can save different setups.

You can use the software to:

  • Update the meter's internal software
  • Check and set the meter's clock
  • Configure the display (date format, color coding, brightness, etc.)
  • Select your regulations (OSHA, ACGIH, MSHA, UK, EU, etc.)

Most of these can be done from the meter's keypad, of course with the exception of updating the internal software. This AnalyzerPlus software is included, so you can choose whether to use it or just work with the meter on its own.

Data Logging Option

The standard Models 43 and 44 do not include the data logging option, You will need this if you want to make full use of the software, download measurements and present reports.

The following features are only available on meters fitted with the Data Logging option

Organizing the Measurements

The noise measurements can be sorted by Person, Location, Project or Instrument (the meter on which the measurements were made). This is convenient for noise at work assessments, allowing you to quickly see all the measurements made on one individual or in one area for example.

Viewing Noise Measurements

analyzer noise software


Post Processing

Sections of the graph can be marked to pick out areas of interest. In the image on the right the period during which the machinery was operating has been selected, allowing the software to calculate the sound levels during that time.

noise level graph


printed noise report

Printing Noise Reports

Most screens in the software have a Quick Report button so you can create printed reports based on what is currently displayed.

Although these reports can be printed to paper, you can choose instead to export them to one of a number of standard formats, including PDF.


Type 2 Nova Integrating Sound Level Meter
1 week
Type 1 Nova Integrating Sound Level Meter
1 week
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Class 1 Acoustic Calibrator. 1kHz, 94dB. For 1/2 inch microphones
Data Logging and Software for Nova Sound Level Meter
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