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NoiseSign - Noise Activated Warning Sign

warning - high noise levels

NoiseSign for Factory and Industrial Noise Control

  • Lights up when the noise levels are high
  • Inform staff that it is time to fit hearing protection
  • Bright LED display for industrial environments
  • Standard hearing protection symbol
  • Adjustable up to a very high 114 dB(A) in 1dB steps

For factories and other industrial environments, the NoiseSign can be an essential part of your noise control and hearing protection program. Lighting up when the noise levels are too high, it gives an instant and recognisable warning to all staff in the noisy area.

Don't Forget the Noise Assessment

The Noise Warning Sign is intended to be part of a complete noise control program. It does not take away the need for a full occupational noise risk assessment. A noise survey should be carried out to assess the problem. The noise sign can then be used to inform staff when the levels are high, especially in areas where the levels are only occasionally high.

In summary, you should do the following:

  • Full noise assessment
  • Reduce the noise at source wherever possible
  • Install Noise Signs to warn staff when variable levels are high

Sound level meters for occupational noise assessments can be seen on out occupational noise products page.

Warn When Noise Levels are High

In situations where the noise levels are not high all the time, it is unreasonable to expect people to wear hearing protection all the time.

However, if can be difficult to determine by ear when the noise levels pass a specific point, especially after a few hours working in a relatively noisy environment, when the hearing becomes a little dulled.

factory noise warning
Time to fit hearing protection

Rather than relying on an individual's perception of the noise levels, the NoiseSign gives a very clear indication that it is time to fit hearing protection or leave the area.

The NoiseSign takes away the guesswork.

Ordering Details

The most suitable version of the NoiseSign for industrial noise control has the order code NS-WARN. This noise sign has the standard symbol for hearing protection and includes the words Warning - High Noise Levels. The prices and purchasing options can be seen below.

To cover a larger area, there is the choice of simply mounting more standard signs or using the remote sign NSR-WARN, which connects back to a central NS-WARN and lights up at the same time.

The NoiseSign includes a power supply unit along with a 16ft (5m) power extension cable.


Noise Warning Sign
Warning High Noise Levels
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Noise Warning Sign
SHHH Quiet Zone
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Prices and Ordering

The NoiseSign order codes NS-WARN and NS-QZON include the sign, microphone, power supply and mounting kit.

Order Code
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NoiseSign Noise Warning Sign - Warning High Noise Levels
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NoiseSign Noise Warning Sign - SHHH Quiet Zone
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Red beacon for NoiseSign with 10m cable
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Blue beacon for NoiseSign with 10m cable
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Data Logging Module for NoiseSign Noise Warning Signs
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