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NoiseSign - Noise Activated Warning Sign

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Noise Warning - Entertainment Venues

  • Club, disco, pub and nightclub noise monitoring
  • Tackle noise complaints from local residents
  • Protect staff from dangerous noise levels
  • Inform DJ or live band if noise levels are too high

Music from clubs, discos and even restaurants and hotels can cause problems for local residents and be at dangerous levels for staff. The NoiseSign Noise Warning Sign is a solution to keeping control of the sound levels and monitoring the effectiveness of other controls.

Whether your problem is with noise complaints or hearing protection issues (or both), the NoiseSign should be able to help.

Noise Complaints

Complaints about noise from local residents can often be dealt with by ensuring that music is kept below a given level. This can be difficult to judge as the evening wears on and the levels tend to increase (it's the DJ steadily going deaf).

The NoiseSign should be positioned so that the DJ or live band can see instantly when the levels are too high and react accordingly.

Using the NoiseSign takes away an individual's perception of the noise levels and the associated difficulties in controlling the sound output.

For noise outside, see Warning of High Noise Outside.

Worker Hearing Protection

Staff working in the entertainment industry are regularly exposed to high noise levels, often getting a noise exposure above the maximum allowed.

The NoiseSign can help by informing staff when the noise levels are getting high, giving the opportunity work in a quieter location (staff rotation) or to wear hearing protection.

The NoiseSign can be mounted within the bar area, or in other potentially noisy locations, where it will give an immediate and clear warning of excessive noise levels.

noise warning sign

Remote Display Signs

remote noise display signsAlthough it is most important that the person controlling the music knows when the levels are too high, it can also be useful to have remote displays in areas such as the bar or the office, so that the management can take action too.

The remote display NSR-WARN or a beacon NSB-RED can be used for this purpose.

Monitoring Compliance

noise data loggerThe NS-LOGG data logging unit can be added to the NoiseSign (either at the time of purchase or at a later date). It regularly samples the noise levels and the results can be downloaded to a computer for analysis and reporting.

This is ideal to show compliance to the noise limits that have been set.

Ordering Details

The most suitable version of the NoiseSign for entertainment noise control has the order code NS-WARN. If remote displays are needed then use order ode NSR-WARN for each one.

The NoiseSign includes a power supply unit along with a 16ft (5m) power extension cable.


Noise Warning Sign
Warning High Noise Levels
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Noise Warning Sign
SHHH Quiet Zone
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Prices and Ordering

The NoiseSign order codes NS-WARN and NS-QZON include the sign, microphone, power supply and mounting kit.

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NoiseSign Noise Warning Sign - Warning High Noise Levels
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NoiseSign Noise Warning Sign - SHHH Quiet Zone
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Red beacon for NoiseSign with 10m cable
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Blue beacon for NoiseSign with 10m cable
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Data Logging Module for NoiseSign Noise Warning Signs
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