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Noise Nuisance Recorder - Noisy Neighbors

neighbor noise recorder
Neighbor Noise Recorder


After monitoring the noise levels and making audio recordings of nuisance noise, you need to download these from the sound level meter to a computer to view, listen and generate reports.


The NoiseTools software is a key part of the NNR system and provides you with the ability to download measurements and recordings, view data and replay audio files directly from your PC.


noise reports

  • Graph of daily noise levels
  • Table of noise events
  • Graphs of noise evens


listen to audio recordings

  • Listen to recordings
  • Identify the noise source
  • Hear background noise


noise nuisance report

  • On screen reporting
  • Printed reports
  • Export reports (PDF, etc)


  • Simple to use - Get the information you need really quickly and easily
  • Detailed analysis available
  • Export recordings for other interested parties to listen to
  • Playback audio recordings at real levels with the Calibrated Playback function
  • Free from installation or licencing restrictions - install on as many PCs as needed at no additional cost

The measurements are stored in a simple tree structure so you can easily find the information you need. You can tag data with a place, person or project to organise the information for later analysis.

If you are going to replay the audio recordings through speakers, NoiseTools has a calibration system built-in that lets you adjust the levels to accurately represent those at the time of the recording.

NoiseTools can be used with noise measurements and audio recordings made in either the Noise Nuisance mode or Hand-held mode and provides you with a powerful set of tools to view, analyze and store your information.

NoiseTools is supplied free from any installation or licencing restrictions.

Sharing Reports

Noise reports can be exported straight from the software to PDF, graphical or office document formats. These can be sent to other people to be viewed.


Class 2 Noise Nuisance Recorder Kit with Calibrator & Software
1 week
Class 1 Noise Nuisance Recorder Kit with Calibrator & Software
1 week


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Noise nuisance recorder kit
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