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VEXO GA2006H Hand Arm Vibration Meter

vexo vibration meter

Hand Arm Vibration Meter

Hand Arm Vibration Software

The VEXO Hand Arm Vibration Meter is supplied with the Vibdata Lite program, which can be used to download measurements and present vibration reports.

  • Download vibration measurements from the meter
  • Connects via standard USB cable (included)
  • Custom tables and reports
  • Long-term storage of vibration measurement results
  • Color coding for high levels of vibration

Although software is not needed to operate the VEXO vibration meter - you can read the measurements from the meter's display - it is useful to download the measurements for further analysis and storage of your records as required by the regulations.

hand arm vibration software vibdata lite


Vibration Reports

Once downloaded, your vibration measurements can be displayed on-screen as shown above, with high vibration levels indicated in orange and red. The thresholds for these colors can be changed, but are usually aligned with the regulations.

Use the Print option to generate a report for your files.

hand arm vibration report
Typical Hand Arm Vibration Report


Hand arm vibration meter
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