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Noise Dosimeter and Hand-Held Noise Meter Combinations

integrating noise combination kit
Environmental and Occupational
Combination Kit

Environmental Combination Kit

This combination kit is for both Occupational Noise assessments and Environmental Noise Surveys.

Occupational Noise: The dBadge dosimeters are used to measure worker noise exposure. The sound level meter can also be used for static noise at work measurements, it measures all the necessary parameters and exceeds the standards required.

Environmental Noise: To assess the impact of noise on the local community - noise outside the factory - the sound level meter and calibrator are Type 1 devices, as required by many regulations. The meter measures the usual parameters (periodic LAeq, L10, L90) needed for an environmental noise survey.


Data Logging - Insight Software

The dBadge Noise Dosimeters included in this kit are the Standard version that include data logging and detailed Time History. You can leave them unattended on the worker and download the measurements at the end of the working shift. The graphical reports will clearly show the noisier times of day.

The CEL633A1 is also a data logging meter, storing the cumulative and periodic values such as Leq, LCpeak, min, max, L10, L90 etc. At the same time it can store the time history of the noise, giving a graph of sound level over time when downloaded to a computer. It also includes Audio Notes (for recording your notes about the measurement) and Audio Recording (for recording the audio of the noise being measured).

The Insight software that is included with this kit downloads measurements from both the dBadge and the Sound Level Meter. There is only one software package to learn to use and the measurements can all be related to the same people, places or processes. For more information please visit the Insight Noise Management Software pages.

Kit Contents

  • Noise Dosimeters:
    • dBadge Noise Dosimeters (mount on the workers shoulder)
    • Clip and Pin mounts for the dBadges
    • dBadge 3-way Charger
  • Sound Level Meter:
  • Insight Software for the dBadge and CEL620 series
  • Class 1 Sound Level Calibrator
  • Calibration Certificates for dBadges, Sound Level Meter and Calibrator
  • Carrying Case
environmental noise and occupational measurement kit


Environmental Combination Kit with 1 dBadge
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Environmental Combination Kit with 2 dBadges
In stock
Environmental Combination Kit with 3 dBadges
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Combination Kit with 1 dBadge and CEL633A1 Sound Level Meter
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Combination Kit with 2 dBadges and CEL633A1 Sound Level Meter
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Combination Kit with 3 dBadges and CEL633A1 Sound Level Meter
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