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Outdoor Noise Measurement Kit

outdoor noise measurement kit

Environmental Noise Measurements

Most environmental noise surveys require the following parameters, or a subset of these:

  • LAeq - The A-weighted average sound level
  • LAmax - The maximum A weighted sound level (Fast or Slow)
  • LA90 - The sound level exceeded for 90% of the time (background noise)
  • LA10 - The sound level exceeded for 10% of the time

The measurements will usually be carried out over 5, 15 or 60 minute periods, repeating throughout the survey period.

Some applications need measurements of these acoustic parameters over curfew periods, so for example between 11pm at night and 7am in the morning.

The meters we recommend for use with the Outdoor Kit include all these parameters, and many more.

Timers and Periodic Measurements

These meters have a selection of timer, periodic and cumulative modes that they can operate in. Here we just cover the most common settings that are needed for most environmental noise measurements. Please contact us for more details if you have a specialist application that needs something different.

In Periodic Mode, the meter can be set to make repeating measurements, each of a fixed length that can be set in minutes or hours. The most common is to set the meter to make 5 minute, 15 minute or 1 hour periodic measurements. When set to 5 minutes, your results look something like this:

Start Time LAeq
12:00:00 40.2 59.7 23.3 41.0 31.0
12:05:00 36.0 53.3 23.5 37.5 31.5
12:10:00 36.3 58.1 22.0 37.0 27.5
12:15:00 35.1 55.4 21.2 36.5 27.5
12:20:00 35.7 58.0 22.4 37.0 28.0
12:25:00 35.1 51.5 21.8 37.5 27.0

A full list of the parameters available can be seen on the meter's specifications page.


measurement timers

In Timers Mode you can set the meter to measurements at certain times of day and different days of the week

You can set the meter to make one or more runs on different days and at different times. In the example on the left the meter is set to make measurements on any day, but only between 08:00 in the morning and 17:00 in the afternoon.

This reduces the number of measurements to download and look through, just measuring at the times that are needed.


Noise Profile

time history noise profile
As well as the periodic measurements described above, the meter can record the "Noise Profile". This is usually used to give a detailed graph of the sound level over time. For example, storing the noise profile every second is much faster than usually needed to meet any regulations, but the resulting graph can be very a very useful picture to describe the nature of the noise being measured.

Voice Notes and Audio Recording

Before starting a measurement you can record Voice Notes, which in some environments is easier than writing things down. These are stored on the meter and can be listened to after downloading the measurements.

The meter is also capable of recording the audio during measurement. These recordings can be threshold triggered based on the sound level, making it much easier to identify the cause of high noise levels when the monitor has been left unattended.

For more details about this feature please visit the Audio Recording page for the CEL633A1 sound level meter.

1/3 Octave Band Measurements

The meter in the WPK-633C1 kit also records the 1/3 Octave Band spectrum. As well as measuring the usual Leq and Lmax in each band, the CEL633C1 also measures the statistical parameters (such as LA90 and LA10) in each of the bands.


Outdoor noise measurement kit
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1/3 Octave Outdoor noise measurement kit
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