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Guardian Environmental Monitor - Noise, Dust, Vibration

Guardian environmental noise dust and vibration monitor

Guardian Environmental Monitor
Noise, Dust and Vibration Options


When purchasing the Guardian Environmental Monitor you need to specify which of the three sensors you need: noise, dust, vibration or any combination of the three.

Our order code indicates these main options:

Order Code Sensors Fitted Price
CELG-N Noise $10678.00
CELG-D Dust / Particulate $12098.00
CELG-V Ground Vibration $14193.00
CELG-ND Noise and Dust $17388.00
CELG-NV Noise and Vibration $19440.00
CELG-DV Dust and Vibration $19191.00
CELG-NDV Noise, Dust and Vibration $21570.00


In addition to the main three sensors, the following options can also be added to the monitor:

Order Code Details Price
CELGO-W Wind Speed and Direction Sensor $1491.00
CELGO-MEX Microphone Extension and Pole Mount $589.00
CELGO-240V Yellow 240 VAC power cable with plug
(the standard unit is 110 VAC for site power)
CEL120/1 Class 1 Sound Level Calibrator $746.00


Factory Fit Options

Please note that the main sensors (noise, dust, vibration) along with the Wind Sensors and Mic Extension are all factory fit options. They cannot be ordered later and be easily fitted on-site. To add these options after delivery you can return the unit to have them fitted and configured.

The CELGO-240V Power Cable and CEL120/1 Calibrator can be supplied and shipped at any time.


Guardian with Noise Monitoring
2 weeks
Guardian with Dust / Particulate Monitoring
2 weeks
Guardian with Ground Vibration Monitoring
2 weeks
Guardian with Noise, Dust and Vibration Monitoring
2 weeks
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