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Guardian Environmental Monitor - Noise, Dust, Vibration

Guardian environmental noise dust and vibration monitor

Guardian Environmental Monitor
Noise, Dust and Vibration Options


The Guardian Environmental Monitor is delivered with the selected sensors already configured and, where possible, fitted to the enclosure. It does not need a specialist installation team and in many environments can be installed by a single person.

For a standard installation it just needs mounting on a wall or pole and power applied.

The microphone, dust particulate inlet and wind sensor are mounted on the top of the box, while the vibration sensor comes with a 80ft (25m) extension cable to allow secure mounting to a suitable, solid surface.


The Guardian can be powered by 110 VAC or 240 VAC. It is supplied with a 110V cable as standard (colored blue). It can be optionally provided with a 240V (colored yellow) cable with a standard plug.

To connect up, the power cable is run through a gland to the outside world and the plug fitted.

Data Connection

The monitor is delivered with the data connection configured and active, so there is nothing extra needed here. For more information visit the Connection page.

Three wires extend from the main enclosure, two for the mobile data antennas and one for the GPS antenna. The antennas have magnetic bases and can be mounted to the main box or higher for better connection.

Mounting the Enclosure

Wall Mounting

The monitor's enclosure can be mounted to a wall using the brackets at each corner.

For clarity the image shows the box without any sensors fitted.

wall mounted

Pole Mounting

The Guardian can be mounted on a standard 50mm scaffold style pole.

Cross braces fit across the back of the enclosure and U-bolts fit around the pole.

pole mounted microphone


The microphone can be mounted separately on the pole, using the optional extension kit, for better acoustic performance.

pole mounting

Ground Vibration Sensor

If you have the Vibration option fitted then the triaxial geophone should be mounted directly to a secure surface (e.g. concrete) in order to get accurate readings for vibration frequency and amplitude. The geophone has an M5 hole for this purpose.



Guardian with Noise Monitoring
2 weeks
Guardian with Dust / Particulate Monitoring
2 weeks
Guardian with Ground Vibration Monitoring
2 weeks
Guardian with Noise, Dust and Vibration Monitoring
2 weeks
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