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Entertainment Noise

Noise from clubs discos and other entertainment venues can cause problems for the local community due to loud music escaping from within. A system to warn the DJ or live band that they are too loud can help to solve this problem.

Sentry Music Noise Monitor and Controller - $851.00

The Sentry connects between the main electrical supply and the power outlet sockets that are used for the audio equipment. It continuously measures the sound levels, indicating when they are getting high on its internal display or on an optional external display. If the warnings are ignored then the power is cut.

Sentry Music Noise Controller  $851.00  

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SoundEar II Noise Warning Sign - $561.00

The SoundEar II gives a clear warning to the person controlling the sound level of the music or live band. When the sound levels is high, first the yellow part lights up, followed by the red light when the noise limit is passed.

SoundEar II Noise Warning Sign $561.00  

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SoundEar 2 Industrial Noise Warning Sign - $561.00

In areas where the sound levels can sometimes be above the legal limit, the Industrial version of the SoundEar gives a warning that action must be taken - reduce the noise, leave the area or wear hearing protection.

SoundEar 2 Industrial Noise Sign  $561.00  

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SoundEar 3 Noise Warning Sign - $1235.00

The SoundEar 3 is visually very similar to the SoundEar 2, with the addition of a digital display to show the sound level in dB. However, it has more advanced settings with multiple trigger levels and automatic settings for day or night operation. This is a data logging sign that comes complete with software to download the results.

SoundEar 3 Noise Warning Sign  $1235.00  

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SoundEar 3-320 Noise Processor - $980.00

For low-key, long term noise monitoring, the SoundEar 3-320 can be mounted on the wall, where it can display the sound level on its digital display, or it can be set to show the time, temperature or nothing at all. It stores the sound levels for download to a computer or it can be linked to process control or monitoring system via 4-20mA loop or DC 0-10V output.

SoundEar 3-320 Noise Processor  $980.00  

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