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Noise Warning Sign - Newsletter March 2004

The SoundEar Noise Warning Sign was added to our range of noise monitoring products at the start of 2004. It is an attractively designed sign that mounts very easily on the wall and is intended for the following applications:

When powered up the green lights show that the unit is monitoring. When the noise level gets to the preset limit the yellow lights come on as a warning. When the limit is exceeded the centre red light comes on with the word WARNING above it.

This warns of the risk to hearing (time to fit hearing protectors) or simply prompts people to make less noise in a hospital, school or office. It is ideal where the noise source is intermittent.

The limit can be adjusted to between 40 dBA and 115 dBA in 5 dB steps, covering most applications from open plan offices to concert halls.

When used in conjunction with a sound level meter you have the ultimate in warning and protection for employees.

back of soundear noise sign
From behind, showing mounting point
and level adjustment

soundear noise warning sign power supply
From beneath, showing power connection
and simple power supply


For more information and prices, please visit the Noise Warning Sign product page:

Customers in the USA and Export customers paying in US Dollars
Customers in the UK and Export customers paying in British Pounds
Customers in Europe and Export customers paying in Euros

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