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June 2014 Newsletter

NoiseMeters Applications Version 2

noisemeters applications

Our popular web based NoiseMeters Applications have been upgrade to v2, adding the following facilities:

The price for NoiseMeters Applications remains at $92.00 despite the additional reporting.

For more information about these web based applications please visit the NoiseMeters Applications web site or drop us an email to

What Is NoiseMeters Applications?

NoiseMeters Applications is a web based (runs in your browser) system that takes measurements from your sound level meter, carries out analysis and presents reports. It currently supports the following meters:

  • CEL620A Integrating Sound Level Meter
  • CEL620B Octave Band Sound Level Meter

Support for the CEL242 Sound Level Meter and the CEL246 Integrating Sound Level Meter is to be added by the end of 2014.

Noise Reports

Once measurements have been transferred from your meter, NoiseMeters Applications can produce a number of reports:

  • Occupational noise, including:
    • Noise Exposure TWA and LEP,d
    • Hearing Protector Assessments
  • Indoor noise evaluation
    • Noise Rating Curves (NR Curves)
    • Noise Criteria Curves (NC Curves)


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