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Hospital Noise in the New Year - Newsletter - January 2009

2008 was a very busy year for NoiseMeters, so we have decided to increase our resources, especially in the Hospital Noise Control part of our business.

So, rather predictably, our first newsletter focuses on the issue of  Noise in Hospitals & Medical Centers.

If you have any questions about the articles in this newsletter then please drop me an email.

Andrew Snell

A New Team Member

As a result of much greater interest in noise issues in hospitals, we are very pleased to announce that Sue Upp has joined our team to offer support in this area.

Sue has experience of supplying technical equipment to hospitals and medical centers. She also has first-hand experience of dealing with noise in these environments.

Sue can be contacted on 888-359-3506, or by email on

Sue Upp

Hospital Noise Web Site

We have created a new web site about noise control in hospitals and medical centers. The new site covers:

You can visit the web site at:

Hospital Noise Web Site

Noise Sign Packages with Free Noise Meter

We have some new "packages" available for 2009. These consist of a quantity of Noise Warning Signs at a discounted price with a free Noise Meter to help assess the noise levels around your hospital or medical center.

You can see these on the Noise Sign and Meter Packages web page.

noise signs with noise meter


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