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Environmental Noise Monitor with GSM/3G - Newsletter - July 2013

We are pleased to introduce a new product to our range of environmental noise monitors. The EM2010/G is ideal for the medium and long term noise monitoring of:

  • Construction Sites
  • Mixed Industrial and Residential Areas
  • Road and Rail Noise
  • Airports and Airfields
  • Outside Entertainment Venues

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Andrew Snell

Environmental Noise Monitor

environmental noise monitor

Environmental Noise Monitor

The EM2010/G monitors environmental noise levels, uploading the measurements to the internet for viewing in a browser.

The EM2010/G is for medium and long term noise monitoring around potentially noisy areas, such as construction sites, industrial sites, roads and city centres.

This monitor measures the sound levels and calculates the statistical parameters every five minutes, as required by many regulations. Each day it automatically connects to the internet and uploads the measurements to a web server.

When you want to view your measurements you simply log in to the server using a standard web browser. No additional software is needed and you can access the reports from anywhere with an Internet connection.

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