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Sound Level Meter with Audio Recording - Newsletter - August 2012

Noisy Neighbors - Noise Nuisance Recorder

We have some new features to announce for the CEL630 series meters, including the ability to record the audio at the same time as measuring the noise.

Two options are available, Voice Notes and Audio Recording. The whole CEL63x range of meters includes Voice Notes but only the two top-range meters have Audio Recording.

Please see the notes and table below for more details.

If you have any questions about the articles or about the Audio Recording features then please drop us an email or call on 888 206 4377.



Andrew Snell
NoiseMeters Limited

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cel633 sound level meter with audio recording
CEL633 Sound Level Meter
with Audio Recording

New Features for the CEL630 Series Sound Level Meters

The CEL630 series sound level meters now have the ability to record audio:

The whole CEL630 range of meters have Voice Notes, giving you the option to record notes before starting a measurement. These notes can be played back on the meter (using headphones) or via the software.

The higher range meters (see table below) include Audio Recording, which can record the audio at the same time the sound level is being measured. The recording can be triggered by high sound level, on demand or using an external trigger. The recorded audio can be played back on headphones or through the software after download.

Recording Features Support

Meter Voice Notes Audio Recording  
CEL632A Occupational Yes Yes CEL632A Web Page
CEL632B Occupational with Octaves Yes Yes CEL632B Web Page
CEL63C Occupational with 1/3 Octaves Yes Yes CEL632C Web Page
CEL633A Environmental Yes Yes CEL633A Web Page
CEL633B Environmental with Octaves Yes Yes CEL633B Web Page
CEL633C Environmental with 1/3 Octaves Yes Yes CEL633C Web Page

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