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Outdoor Microphone Systems

pulsar outdoor microphones

Outdoor Mics for Pulsar Sound Level Meters

There are two types of Outdoor Microphone System available for the Pulsar Assessor series of sound level meters. The Lightweight version offers excellent portability, while the Heavy Duty version gives better protection against the elements for longer term monitoring.

MK:429 Lightweight Outdoor Mic System

The MK:429 is a lightweight system designed to fit onto a standard tripod (not included) and give some weather protection to the microphone and preamplifier to allow it to be left unnattended in poor weather for up to 24 hours.

This unit is not supplied with a microphone and preamplifier, but is designed to accept the removable mic and preamp fitted to the Type 1 versions of the CR:800 series sound level meters, such as the Pulsar 91. The MK:429 is supplied with the mechanical parts to hold the preamplifier and microphone to a tripod, with a windshield and with a microphone extension cable.

MK:43x Heavy Duty Outdoor Mic System

The MK:43x series of outdoor microphones are designed for longer term use, with more weather protection than the MK:429. The MK:437 is designed for use with the CR:703B Sound Level Meter and the MK:438 for use with the Type 1 Pulsar series instruments such as the Pulsar 91.

These outdoor microphone systems do not include the microphone capsule (it is already on the sound level meter itself) but do include tripod legs, windshield, preamplifier and extension cable.

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