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Outdoor Microphone Systems

Outdoor Mics
outdoor microphones

Outdoor Microphones

A range of outdoor microphone systems are available to suite the sound level meters and environmental noise analyzers supplied by NoiseMeters.

For complete outdoor measurement kits, including weatherproof enclosures, please visit our Outdoor Measurement Kits page.

All the Outdoor Microphone Systems offer the following benefits:

  • Protect the microphone capsule from rain and snow
  • Reduce the effects of wind noise on the measurement
  • Ability to mount the microphone on a tripod
  • Connect the mic. to a meter up to 100ft (30m) away

The outdoor microphone for the CEL630 series sound level meters is the CEL208086A and can be viewed on the CEL Outdoor Mics page.

The Pulsar Assessor range of meters have two Outdoor Micorphones, one for short term use and one for longer term use. You can see them both on the Pulsar Outdoor Mics page.

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