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dBadge2 PLUS Noise Dosimeter - With Audio Recording

dbadge2 Plus Noise Dosimeter with Audio Recording

+ Measure Noise Exposure

  • Mounts on the worker's shoulder
  • Measures noise exposure over the full working shift
  • Meets the requirements of the occupational noise regulations

+ Packaged for the Job

  • Strong case for industrial environment
  • Clear, color display and simple controls

+ Measurement Integrity

  • Controls are lockable to prevent tampering
  • Motion sensor to ensure it was worn throughout the shift
  • Audio recording - listen to the cause of high noise levels

+ Connected

  • Download to PC using Docking Station
  • Direct connection to phone using Bluetooth and Airwave application
noise dosimeter dbadge2

Assessing Worker Noise Exposure

The dBadge2 Noise Dosimeter mounts on the worker's shoulder, measuring the noise levels throughout the working day. It measures all the parameters needed by the occupational noise regulations throughout North America, Europe, and the rest of the world. Everything is measured, so no risk of choosing the wrong parameters before starting the survey.


Audio Recording

The dBadge 2 PLUS model has the ability to record the audio. This is useful for note taking before starting the measurements (employee name, machinery in use). It can also be set to record when the noise exceeds a preset sound level, enabling you to listen and identify the cause.

Managing the Results

You can take the readings directly from the display. Everything you need to satisfy the regulations is there. For more detail it is usually better to download to a computer using the software that is included. The dosimeter even provides you with the calculated noise exposure level (TWA for North America and some other regions, LEP,d or LEX,8hr for Europe).


Hearing Protection

The dBadge2 includes both "A" and "C" weighted Leq measurements. These can be used to assess the suitability of hearing protectors using the standard HML method. This method is adequate to satisfy the regulations. If you want more detail then choose the dBadge2 PRO and use the Octave Band method.


dBadge2 Datasheet (PDF, 789k)


dBadge2 PLUS kit with 1 dosimeter, Calibrator, Software and Case
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dBadge PLUS kit with 3 dosimeters, Calibrator, Software and Case
In stock
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dBadge2 PLUS
dBadge2 PLUS
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dBadge2 PRO
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Kits contain dBadge2 PLUS Dosimeters with Audio. Kit has dBadges, Calibrator, Dock/Charger, Peli Case and Software.
Kits with 1, 2, 3 and 5 dBadges have one 3-way charger. Kits with 10 dBadges have two 3-way chargers.

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Kit with 1 dBadge2 PLUS Dosimeter, Calibrator, Charger, Software and Case
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Kit with 2 dBadge2 PLUS Dosimeters, Calibrator, Charger, Software and Case
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Kit with 3 dBadge2 PLUS Dosimeters, Calibrator, Charger, Software and Case
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Kit with 5 dBadge2 PLUS Dosimeters, Calibrator, Charger, Software and Case
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Kit with 10 dBadge2 PLUS Dosimeters, Calibrator, Charger, Software and Case
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