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CEL632B Occupational Sound Level Meter with Octave Filters

cel632b octave band noise meter
CEL632B Sound Level Meter


The CEL632B has many applications but is primarily intended for the detailed analysis of noise in the workplace.

  • OSHA Occupational noise regulations (most common in USA)
  • MSHA, ACGIH noise regulations
  • Canadian occupational noise (both 3dB and 5dB exchange rates)
  • European noise at work regulations
  • Machinery testing
  • Hearing protector assessments (NNR, SNR, HML or Octave Band methods)
  • Detailed analysis of noise - time history and frequency content

The occupational noise regulations around the world usually specify or recommend the use of an Integrating sound level meter as this removes the potential error when trying to average it by eye.

The CEL632 takes this one step further, offering a detailed Time History store that provides graphs of the sound level against time. The meter can be left in a noisy environment and downloaded later. The graphs clearly show the noisier and quieter times of day, making the planning of a worker's noise exposure possible.

The CEL632B measures in the Octave Bands at the same time, offering even more information about the noise in the workplace.

occupational noise

Occupational Noise

The OSHA occupational noise regulations state that you should use at least a Type 2 Sound Level Meter. The meter should be verified by a suitably equipped laboratory when new and we recommend having it checked at least every two years. You also need a Calibrator to check the meter's function before making measurements.

An Integrating meter like the CEL632B provides you with the measurement of the average Slow sound level - Lavg. Rather than trying to average the sound level by eye (made more difficult by the logarithmic nature of noise), the meter does the averaging for you. The Lavg is then used to calculate the worker's Time Weighted Average (TWA) noise exposure.

Hearing Protection Assessment

When the noise levels are particularly high (e.g. greater than 95 dBA) then you should check that the hearing protection provided is adequate. If it does not reduce the noise at the ear to an acceptable level then clearly it is not adequate. The CEL632B measures both the A and C weighted sound level, so you can use the NRR or HML method - for a working example of NRR and HML methods please take a look at our Hearing Protection Calculator.

For a more detailed analysis of hearing protection, particularly when tonal noise is involved, an Octave Band analysis may be required. The CEL632B makes octave band measurements at the same time as all the other broadband measurements, so this information is always available for a more detailed analysis.

Noise Source Identification

Unattended noise measurement is convenient but causes problems when the time comes to identify the source of the noise. Was it a piece of machinery, a steam leak, a vehicle passing or somebody shouting. The CEL632B can record the audio so that you can listen to the interesting bits, enabling you to make a positive identification of the noise source.

Please visit the Voice Notes and Audio Recording page for more details.

Environmental and Community Noise

As the CEL632B is available as either Type 1 or Type 2 and includes data logging, it is suitable for many environmental noise surveys.

However, for environmental work we would recommend the CEL633 Environmental Sound Level Meter, which includes the statistical parameters (L10, L50, L90, etc.) that are often required. The CEL633 also includes the Time History and automatic timers for longer term environmental noise monitoring.

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The Type 2 sound level meter is available alone or as part of a Kit, which includes Meter, Calibrator and Carrying Case.

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