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CEL246 Data Logging Integrating Sound Level Meter

data logging integrating sound level meter
CEL246 Sound Level Meter

DC Output (Free of charge option)

The CEL246 Integrating Sound Level Meter is usually provided with an AC output, but can be factory configured to have a DC output instead. If done at the time of purchase there is no charge for this.

  • Output 0 to 3.3V DC for FSD on selected range
  • Output corresponds to selected weighting
  • 2.5mm stereo jack
  • 2kΩ output impedance

Typical Applications

  • Chart recorder
  • Connection to PC with A/D converter
  • Integrating with monitoring systems
  • Connection to data logger

The standard CEL246 integrating sound level meter is configured with it's AUX socket set AC output. We can change this to a DC output at no cost if done at the time of order.

User Configure?

Although we advise this configuration be carried out at the time of order, it is actually possible to change the meter between AC and DC output yourself. Please contact NoiseMeters for more information if you need to do this.


Logging, Integrating Sound Level Meter
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Kit with Meter, Calibrator and Case
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The sound level meter is available alone or as part of a Kit, which includes Meter, Calibrator and Carrying Case.

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Data Logging Type 2 / Class 2 Integrating Sound Level Meter
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Kit with CEL246 Sound Level Meter, Calibrator, Windshield, Case
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Software for the CEL240 Series Sound Level Meters
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